2022 5th International Symposium on Traffic Transportation and Civil Architecture (ISTTCA 2022)
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2022 5th International Symposium on Traffic Transportation and Civil Architecture (ISTTCA 2022) was held ceremoniously online on November 19-20 2022. Thanks to the support of experts and scholars! 


Leadership Speeches


Aimin Liu, Professorial Senior Engineer, Tianjin Port Engineering Institute Co., Ltd. of CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. 


Shangbing Gao, Vice President, Huaiyin Institute of Technology

 Keynote Speeches


Prof. Haitao Yu,Tongji University

Speech Title: Recent progress on seismic analysis and mitigation control for long tunnels


Prof. Xiang Ping, School of Civil Engineering, Central South University

Speech Title: Seismic performances and running safety analysis of train-bridge coupled system


Prof. Wenquan Li, Southeast University

Speech Title: Urban Flex-route Transit and Its Optimization Problems


Senior Engineer Guangsi Chen, Tianjin University

Speech Title: Research on bearing characteristics of tubular foundation based on the lower bound method of finite element limit analysis


Senior Engineer Bin Li, Tianjin Port Engineering Institute Co., Ltd. of CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.

Speech Title: Research and Application of the Theory and Key Technology of Deformation Control of Subsea Immersed Tunnel Foundation


Prof. Yan Song, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill UNC

Title: Towards Carbon Neutralization-New Trends of Urban Land Use and Transportation Integration Planning and Governance


Prof. Guodong Yin, Southeast University

Title: Research on Design Theory, Method and Control of Automobile Intelligent Electric Chassis


Prof. Changjiang Zheng, Hohai University

Title: Optimization of International Logistics Land Transport Network Organization: A Case Study of Jiangsu Province

Oral Presentations



Haifeng Lu, Wuhan University

Speech Title: Study on the Formation Mechanism of Heterogeneous Gels Based on Slag Geopolymer

Shuang Dang, Guizhou University

Speech Title: Energy evolution characteristics of sandstones during confining pressure cyclic unloading conditions

Jianping Lin, Huaqiao University

Speech Title: Experimental Investigation of the Cracking Performance in the Hogging-Moment Regions of Natural Curing Steel-UHPC Composite Bridges

Zhanjiang Liu, Ningbo University

Speech Title: Simulation study on shear performance of steel-bamboo composite I-shaped beam

Yujiang Zhao, Southwest Petroleum University

Speech Title: Delection Calculation Method of H-beam with Corrugated Web Considering Shear Strain

Jing Guo, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

Speech Title: Research on Fine Tension Control Technology of Hectometre Dense Steel Strands

Gong Yuan, Kunming University of Science and Technology

Speech Title: Effect of Salt Spray Corrosion on Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of 60Si2MnA Steel

Wenjie Fu, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

Speech Title: Simplified analysis of the seismic performance of a symmetrical large chassis twin tower structure

Ruzhu Dong, Kunming University of Science and Technology

Speech Title: Research status of steel slag in intermittently graded asphalt mixture

Shiming Zhong, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

Speech Title: Research on BIM-based Sinking Pre-tensioning Construction Technology

Haizhu Hong, Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd.

Speech Title: Multi-discipline Speed Control Matching Evaluation for Urban Rail Transit

Cong Qian, Shanghai Maritime University

Speech Title: Traffic Flow Prediction Based on spatio-temporal Attention

Junyu Chen, South China University of Technology

Speech Title: More Robust and Better: Automatic Traffic Incident Detection Based on XGBoost

Qingqing Li, Center for Urban and Integrated Transportation Planning CCCC FIRST HIGHWAY CONSULTANTS CO.,LTD.

Speech Title: Analysis of Travel Characteristics of Clustered City Based on Mobile Signaling Data--Taking Shijiazhuang City as an example

Meizhen Zhang, Xi’an University of Posts & Telecommunications

Speech Title: Reliability Analysis of Fresh Agricultural Products Cold Chain Transportation System Based on Fault Tree-Bayesian Network

Chen Zhang, Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport

Speech Title: Comprehensive Evaluation of Transport Infrastructure Development Capacity in Five Central Asian Countries Based on Factor Analysis

Xingying Chen, Institute of Transportation Development Strategy & Planning of Sichuan Province

Speech Title: Study on Intercity Intermodal Passenger Transport Behavior in Chengdu and Chongqing Region

Di Wu, Transport Planning and Research Institute, Ministry of Transport

Speech Title: Socioeconomic Contribution of Rural Road Construction and Revampment: A Case Study in China

Poster Presentations

Research on Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction Based on Deep Learning and Pedestrian Interaction

Author(s): Dongshu Ling

Construction Quality Evaluation of Expressway Asphalt Pavement Based on Digital Construction

Author(s): HU Zhaoguang1, JIANG He2, Deng Daxian

Air Purification Test of Enclosed Interchange Tunnel with Covered

Author(s): Chun LIU, Jun PENG, Zaiheng ZHOU, Zhengmao CAO, Liting XIONG, Guanghui LI

Monitoring and Analysis of Temperature and Strain Development of Long-scale Concrete in Cut-and-Cover Tunnels

Author(s): Qingsong XUE, Bing LIU, Mengxi ZHANG, Xiaonan YAO

Airport Group Flight Optimization in the Context of Air - Rail Combined Transportation

Author(s): Jiang Jiajia, Li Baoyin, Huang Tianxiang, Lv Shaolan, Liu Qixin, Sun Jianhong

Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Bridge Pile Construction on the Disturbance of Adjacent Oil Pipelines

Author(s): Jian Wu, Qi Shi , Jingxian Zhang , Wanmao Zhang 

Congested Roadway Resilience Evaluation Based on Taxi GPS Data

Author(s): LingYun Liao, ShunYing Zhu, Hong Wang

Analysis of Travel Characteristics of Clustered City Based on Mobile Signaling Data

Author(s): Qingqing Li, Shuai Wang, Baopeng Li, Lingyan Gu

Effects of Corner Rounding Modification on Flow Characteristics Around Rectangular Pier

Author(s): Yang Linjia, He Xiaoyong

Leakage Risk Assessment of Cofferdam Tunnels Based on Combined Weighting-cloud Model

Author(s): JianPing Fang, XiaoYi Shi, MengXi Zhang

Research on the Influence of Exit Obstacles on Crowd Evacuation Efficiency Based on Pathfinder 

Author(s): Lu Wang, Lihong Yue, Menghua Yang, Haijing Zhang

Research on China Potential LNG Bunkering Center Selection Based on AHP-TOPSIS Method

Author(s): Ke DU, Kun LI

Analysis on Subgrade Effect of Collapsible Loess Mixed with High Plastic Clay

Author(s): Weiqing Liu, Zhen Yao, Dongwei Cao, Chenke Sun

Numerical Study of the Influence of Volumetric Block Proportion on Excavation-induced Ground Responses in Talus-like Rock Mass

Author(s): Song Yang, Shaoqiang Zhang, Dong Li, Yinlian Yi, Chuanbin Jiang, Xiaochang Li

Research on Gis Detection and Scheduling of Unmanned Vehicles Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Author(s): Xingwang Qiu, Meixiu Shi

Key Technologies for the Construction of Super-Long And Wide Double-Layer Catenary-Shaped Upper-Stiffened Steel Truss Bridges

Author(s): Cang-Hua Zhou, Yang Wang

3D Scene Construction of Railroad Engineering Facilities Based on Multi-source Data Fusion

Author(s): Yan Xuan, Feng Han

A Methodology for Flight Departure Delay Prediction Based on Stacking Technique

Author(s): Xunuo Wang, Zhan Wang,  Yong Tian, Lili Wan

Research on Thermal Damage of Wheel and Rail Considering Material Contact Temperature Change Effect

Author(s): WangShuai, DuanZhiDong

Study on the Evaluation System of Green Port Development in Suzhou

Author(s): Xiangtong Chen, Sudong Xu, Nini Zhang, Zhengchun Sun, Bing Han

A Method for Evaluating Development Mode of Port-City Based on a Multiple Relative Concentration Index Model

Author(s): Jun Huang, Haiyuan Yao, Shanshan Bi

Study on Assembled Floating Slab Track of Suburban Railway 

Author(s): LI Zijie

Strengthening and Restoration of Wooden Roof Frames of Ancient Buildings

Author(s): ZhouYongXin, WuJiaXin, ChengZhiYong

A Hydrodynamic Model of Steering Tilting Stability of Partially-Filled Tank Truck

Author(s): Lin Xinming, He Lieyun

Route Optimization of Express Network Considering High-speed Rail Express and Carbon Emission

Author(s): NIU Jiaxin, ZHAO Peng, QIAO Ke

Comparative Study of Damage Characteristics of PHC Pile Under Different Seismic Ground Motions

Author(s): Hongqiang Hu, Gang Gan, Yangjuan Bao, Xu Han, Xiaopeng Guo

Simulation Study on Shear Performance of Steel-bamboo Composite I-shaped Beam

Author(s): Zhanjiang Liu

Analysis in Metro Station Ridership Based on the Process of Access to Metro and Multi-scale Geographic Weighted Regression--A Case Study of Zhengzhou Metro

Author(s): Jin Zhang, Xu Wang, Yunhong Lin, Junchen Dai