2022 5th International Symposium on Traffic Transportation and Civil Architecture (ISTTCA 2022)
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Research on Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction Based on Deep Learning and Pedestrian Interaction

Author(s): Dongshu Ling

Construction Quality Evaluation of Expressway Asphalt Pavement Based on Digital Construction

Author(s): HU Zhaoguang1, JIANG He2, Deng Daxian

Air Purification Test of Enclosed Interchange Tunnel with Covered

Author(s): Chun LIU, Jun PENG, Zaiheng ZHOU, Zhengmao CAO, Liting XIONG, Guanghui LI

Monitoring and Analysis of Temperature and Strain Development of Long-scale Concrete in Cut-and-Cover Tunnels

Author(s): Qingsong XUE, Bing LIU, Mengxi ZHANG, Xiaonan YAO

Airport Group Flight Optimization in the Context of Air - Rail Combined Transportation

Author(s): Jiang Jiajia, Li Baoyin, Huang Tianxiang, Lv Shaolan, Liu Qixin, Sun Jianhong

Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Bridge Pile Construction on the Disturbance of Adjacent Oil Pipelines

Author(s): Jian Wu, Qi Shi , Jingxian Zhang , Wanmao Zhang 

Congested Roadway Resilience Evaluation Based on Taxi GPS Data

Author(s): LingYun Liao, ShunYing Zhu, Hong Wang

Analysis of Travel Characteristics of Clustered City Based on Mobile Signaling Data

Author(s): Qingqing Li, Shuai Wang, Baopeng Li, Lingyan Gu

Effects of Corner Rounding Modification on Flow Characteristics Around Rectangular Pier

Author(s): Yang Linjia, He Xiaoyong

Leakage Risk Assessment of Cofferdam Tunnels Based on Combined Weighting-cloud Model

Author(s): JianPing Fang, XiaoYi Shi, MengXi Zhang

Research on the Influence of Exit Obstacles on Crowd Evacuation Efficiency Based on Pathfinder 

Author(s): Lu Wang, Lihong Yue, Menghua Yang, Haijing Zhang

Research on China Potential LNG Bunkering Center Selection Based on AHP-TOPSIS Method

Author(s): Ke DU, Kun LI

Analysis on Subgrade Effect of Collapsible Loess Mixed with High Plastic Clay

Author(s): Weiqing Liu, Zhen Yao, Dongwei Cao, Chenke Sun

Numerical Study of the Influence of Volumetric Block Proportion on Excavation-induced Ground Responses in Talus-like Rock Mass

Author(s): Song Yang, Shaoqiang Zhang, Dong Li, Yinlian Yi, Chuanbin Jiang, Xiaochang Li

Research on Gis Detection and Scheduling of Unmanned Vehicles Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Author(s): Xingwang Qiu, Meixiu Shi

Key Technologies for the Construction of Super-Long And Wide Double-Layer Catenary-Shaped Upper-Stiffened Steel Truss Bridges

Author(s): Cang-Hua Zhou, Yang Wang

3D Scene Construction of Railroad Engineering Facilities Based on Multi-source Data Fusion

Author(s): Yan Xuan, Feng Han

A Methodology for Flight Departure Delay Prediction Based on Stacking Technique

Author(s): Xunuo Wang, Zhan Wang,  Yong Tian, Lili Wan

Research on Thermal Damage of Wheel and Rail Considering Material Contact Temperature Change Effect

Author(s): WangShuai, DuanZhiDong

Study on the Evaluation System of Green Port Development in Suzhou

Author(s): Xiangtong Chen, Sudong Xu, Nini Zhang, Zhengchun Sun, Bing Han

A Method for Evaluating Development Mode of Port-City Based on a Multiple Relative Concentration Index Model

Author(s): Jun Huang, Haiyuan Yao, Shanshan Bi

Study on Assembled Floating Slab Track of Suburban Railway 

Author(s): LI Zijie

Strengthening and Restoration of Wooden Roof Frames of Ancient Buildings

Author(s): ZhouYongXin, WuJiaXin, ChengZhiYong

A Hydrodynamic Model of Steering Tilting Stability of Partially-Filled Tank Truck

Author(s): Lin Xinming, He Lieyun

Route Optimization of Express Network Considering High-speed Rail Express and Carbon Emission

Author(s): NIU Jiaxin, ZHAO Peng, QIAO Ke

Comparative Study of Damage Characteristics of PHC Pile Under Different Seismic Ground Motions

Author(s): Hongqiang Hu, Gang Gan, Yangjuan Bao, Xu Han, Xiaopeng Guo

Simulation Study on Shear Performance of Steel-bamboo Composite I-shaped Beam

Author(s): Zhanjiang Liu

Analysis in Metro Station Ridership Based on the Process of Access to Metro and Multi-scale Geographic Weighted Regression--A Case Study of Zhengzhou Metro

Author(s): Jin Zhang, Xu Wang, Yunhong Lin, Junchen Dai