2022 5th International Symposium on Traffic Transportation and Civil Architecture (ISTTCA 2022)
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Prof. Haitao Yu

Tongji University

Prof. Yu has long been engaged in the research of seismic theory and the application of underground structures. He has achieved marked progress in the non-uniform multi-shake-table test principle, multi-scale coupling method and strong earthquake differential control technology. Three achievements have been incorporated into industry standards and applied to more than 20 major projects, such as the immersed tunnel of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage, the Dalian Bay Undersea Tunnel, the Ultra-high voltage GIL utility tunnel of State Grid, the long section of Xiong'an New Area, and the demonstration project of large-tonnage integral prefabricated assembled utility tunnel, resolving the difficult issue of anti-shock design in practical projects.

Prof. Yu has chaired four projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, two sub-projects of the National Key Research and Development Program, and two major Shanghai Municipality science and technology research projects. He has been selected into the list of top 2% scientists in the world (2021), Future Leaders Program of American Society for Rock Mechanics (2021), 10th Shanghai Young Science and Technology Talents (2020), National Excellent Young Scientists Fund (2019), and Shanghai Young Science and Technology Morning Stars (2017). Prof. Yu has published 63 SCI papers in CMAME, IJNME, IJNAMG, TUST, SDEE, BEE, ASCE, ASTM and other international journals (54 in JRC Q1, 8 in Q2), 5 ESI highly cited papers, with more than 2000 citations and an H index of 21. He has won one provincial and ministerial special prize and six first prizes, including the first prize of the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award (ranked second).

Prof. Yu has been invited to give reports at international conferences such as the World Congress on Computational Mechanics 12 times. Now, he serves as an associate editor of Frontiers of Structure and Civil Engineering (FSCE), an international SCI journal supported by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a special editorial board member of Advanced Power Materials. He is a member of the American Rock Mechanics Association's Technical Committees on Tunneling and Underground Storage and Utilization and head of its Monitoring and Risk Team. He also holds the membership of the TC305 Technical Committee of International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering and the co-chairmanship of the Technical Committee of the Tunnel Engineering Division, World Transport Convention (WTC).

Prof. Yu is the director of Underwater Tunnel Engineering Technology Branch of Chinese Institution of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, a member of the Geotechnical Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Reduction Professional Committee and the Post-seismic Disaster Chain Professional Committee of Seismological Society of China, and a member of Urban Transportation Council of China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization. In addition, he is also a guest commentator of Mathematical Reviews, a famous journal of American Mathematical Society (AMS).

Speech Title: Recent progress on seismic analysis and mitigation control for long tunnels

Abstract: This presentation focuses on current progress on seismic analysis methods for underground structures, including several simplified models for seismic design, and analytical solutions for longitudinal responses of long tunnels. Based on the proposed multi-mass-spring-beam model, a simplified method is also developed for the longitudinal seismic design of long tunnels. A multiscale method is developed for the large-scale seismic analysis of underground structures. A multi-point shaking table test method is proposed for underground structures subjected to non-uniform excitations. Finally, seismic mitigation methods for critical joints were also introduced.


Prof. Xiang Ping

School of Civil Engineering, Central South University

Ping Xiang is a Professor at the School of Civil Engineering, Central South University, China. He received his PhD from Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR. His research interests include earthquake engineering, computational mechanics, and structural health monitoring. He has published more than 100 research papers including more than 70 SCI papers.

Speech Title: Seismic performances and running safety analysis of train-bridge coupled system

Abstract: The high-speed railway network will inevitably cross the active earthquake fault zone, and the running safety of high-speed train is threatened by earthquakes. The safety prevention and control of high-speed railway only focuses on the safety of bridge structure, and fails to consider the safety of train-bridge system as a comprehensive whole. This study established a simulation platform of train-track-bridge system under earthquake, carried out the running safety shaking table test, and put forward the running safety suggestions of high-speed railway under near fault earthquakes. As currently relevant regulations on the seismic running safety of high-speed train on bridges are not yet mature. This study provides important theoretical basis and technical support for the construction of high-speed railway in earthquake areas.


Senior Engineer Bin Li

Tianjin Port Engineering Institute Co., Ltd. of CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.

Dr. Bin Li specializes in geotechnical and structural engineering. He is currently the manager of the Technical Center of Tianjin Port Engineering Institute Co., Ltd. of CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. and the deputy chief engineer of Guangxi Puqing Expressway Co., Ltd. He is the "First Level Candidate for Tianjin 131 Innovative Talents Training Project" in 2019, the "Ten Thousand Talents Plan for Engineering Construction Science and Technology Innovation - Young Top Talents" of China Construction Enterprise Association in 2021, and the academic leader of the key laboratory of port geotechnical engineering technology and transportation industry. In recent five years, he has undertaken 26 scientific research projects as the project leader, including 2 national level projects and 8 items at provincial and ministerial level. He won 10 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards and participated in the preparation of 2 industrial standards and 3 enterprise standards; He has published more than 40 high-level academic papers, including 12 in SCI and 27 in EI. In addition, he was granted 8 patents, 1 software copyright and published 3 monographs.

Speech Title: Research and Application of the Theory and Key Technology of Deformation Control of Subsea Immersed Tunnel Foundation

Abstract: This project is based on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge immersed tunnel project. In view of the difficulties in the calculation and control of the settlement deformation of the foundation of the submarine immersed tunnel, through theoretical analysis, numerical simulation, experimental research and engineering verification, a systematic study has been carried out, and an index system for the critical unloading ratio and strong rebound unloading ratio of the soft soil in the submarine deep groove has been created. This project has revealed the variation law of soil bearing deformation and loading, which provides a theoretical basis and method for studying the deformation characteristics of seabed deep groove soft soil foundation. The project has established the SANICLAY three-dimensional constitutive model of the seabed soft soil anisotropy and structure, revealed the evolution law of the plastic potential surface and yield surface under different stress paths, and improved the accuracy of the numerical simulation of the interaction between the seabed soft soil foundation and the structure; In addition, the project has put forward the indexes of critical length diameter ratio and settlement reduction ratio of sand compaction pile in seabed soft soil foundation, and improved the bearing capacity formula and settlement calculation empirical formula of sand compaction pile in pile group effect. The project also established the reconstruction simulation method of random meso medium of the discrete element method of riprap, proposed the fitting formula of compactness and deformation modulus, and provided theoretical support and method for the design and construction of underwater riprap machine tools. The research results have been successfully applied to the foundation design and construction of immersed tube tunnels such as Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Dalian Bay undersea tunnel and deep and medium passages, with significant social and economic benefits and broad application prospects.


Senior Engineer Guangsi Chen

Tianjin University

Senior Engineer Guangsi Chen currently serves at the School of Civil Engineering, Tianjin University. He graduated from the Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department of the School of Civil Engineering, Tianjin University in January 2015, and later served as the Deputy Director of the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Tianjin University in 2018, in charge of the construction and management of various geotechnical instrument in the laboratories of Tianjin University, such as 100GT geotechnical centrifuge. His scientific interests center around the study of the interaction between marine structures and soil, including the bearing characteristics of offshore wind turbine foundations, the influence of pile shoe insertion on the foundation stability of adjacent structures and the application of limit analysis theory in geotechnical engineering. So far he has presided over 1 National Natural Science Foundation project and participated in 12 national research projects. He has published 12 SCI/EI-indexed papers, 1 monograph and won 1 first prize for scientific and technological progress from the Ministry of Education.

Speech Title: Research on bearing characteristics of tubular foundation based on the lower bound method of finite element limit analysis

Abstract: In recent years, with its advantages of low cost, short construction period and relatively small disturbance to the foundation, tubular foundation has become one of the important foundation forms of offshore wind power in China. Because of the particularity of tube-soil interaction, the calculation of vertical bearing capacity of tube foundation is always a difficult problem in foundation design. In this study, centrifuge model test and the lower bound method of finite element limit analysis are used to study the vertical bearing characteristics of tubular foundation in saturated homogeneous clay foundation and sand layered soil foundation. The lower bound method of finite element limit analysis considering the friction between the cylinder and the soil is proposed, and the sensitivity of the factors such as mesh division, soil parameters and model size is analyzed, and the reliability of the program is verified. This study also verifies the correctness of the lower bound solution program by comparing with the centrifuge model test results, analyzes the influence of soil strength non-uniformity, the length diameter ratio of the tubular foundation and the friction between the tubular wall and soil on the bearing capacity of the tubular foundation, and puts forward a formula for calculating the vertical bearing capacity of the tubular foundation considering the above factors comprehensively. In addition, this study studied the influence of the relative thickness of soil layer, the strength of clay layer, the internal friction angle of sand layer, and the upper hard and lower soft and upper soft and lower hard conditions in layered clay foundation on the vertical bearing capacity of tube foundation. 


Prof. Wenquan Li

Southeast University

Prof. Wenquan LI, Ph.D Supervisor was born in 1964. He received his bachelor's degree in basic mathematics from Henan University in 1987 and worked at Henan University in the same year. He received a master's degree in operations research from Zhengzhou University in 1994, a doctor's degree in traffic management engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University in 1997, and did research works in the postdoctoral research center for traffic engineering at Southeast University from 1997 to 1999. After his postdoctoral works, he has dedicated himself to education and research works in the School of Transportation in Southeast University. He is a member of editorial board of Journal of Southeast University. He was also selected in the “Plan of Six Top Talents” in Jiangsu Province. Prof. LI’s research and teaching interests focus on Theory and Methodology of Transportation Organization Optimization, Transportation Planning and Management, Traffic Flow Theory and Highway Capacity, Traffic Safety, etc.

Title: Urban Flex-route Transit and Its Optimization Problems

Abstract: In the past decades, the rapid growth of car ownership and the gradually increased level of motorization have resulted in the urban traffic congestion in China. China has already entered a period of accelerated development of urbanization, which results in more sparse suburban and rural residential districts. The conventional fixed-route, fixed-schedule transit operation mode is not favored, and transit divisions have to spend more money in developing transit systems to reach the similar level of service in these low demand areas. Thus, developing flexible transit services, especially the flex-route transit service, is an effective way to provide attractive transport services, ease urban traffic congestion problem. This report use the title with ‘Urban Flex-route Transit and Its Optimization Problems’ to study on the problem about the operating characteristics of flex-route systems, the operational strategy of how to select dynamic station, the scheduling problem of flex-route services, and the fare problem in flex-route transit services. Hope that the personal viewpoints of this report can trigger further discussions in this area.

Prof. Yan Song

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill UNC

Title: Towards Carbon Neutralization-New Trends of Urban Land Use and Transportation Integration Planning and Governance

Prof. Guodong Yin

Southeast University

Title: Research on Design Theory, Method and Control of Automobile Intelligent Electric Chassis

Prof. Changjiang Zheng

Hohai University

Title: Optimization of International Logistics Land Transport Network Organization: A Case Study of Jiangsu Province